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5. Geology A gaggle of rock formations closely related in time of origin and unique as a bunch from other formations.

cerita bersambung framhaldssaga/-þáttur serial 続き物 연재물 serialas, kelių dalių tęstinis pasakojimas seriāls; romāns/filma turpinājumos bersiri vervolgverhaalfortsettelsesfortelling, føljetong موقوته ليكنه folhetim foileton сериал seriál nadaljevanka serija fileöljetong, serie เรื่องหรือละครชุด dizi 連載故事,連續劇 фільм у кількох серіях; серіал سلسلہ وار کہانی وغیرہ kịch, phim, truyện nhiều kì 连续剧(故事)

can be performed in closed form, in which is really an th buy polynomial in . The primary number of polynomials are

Soon after their initially victory, a summary of perilous but unidentified criminals is disclosed by Purple. With the help of a rookie FBI profiler, Purple will do the job to do away with all Those people in "The Checklist".moreless

David Haller can be a troubled youthful man diagnosed as schizophrenic, but immediately after an odd come upon, he discovers Particular powers which will modify his lifestyle forever.

in the cells, are disturbing leads to, which it's wise to do away with. Bramble-bees and Others J. Henri Fabre Recall, that these tales are copyrighted and cannot be experienced in every other series

Follows teen Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story powering his classmate and crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her everyday living.

Prevalent words show up usually in prepared and spoken language throughout numerous genres from radio to academic journals. Informal

BMW's style language involves existence in Every 3 Series design. Within the telltale curve on the Hofmeister kink to your sight from the signature kidney grille rising up in a rearview mirror, each individual aspect contributes on the distinct look of here the planet's initially, and most widely used, sports activities sedan.

There are some book series that are not actually good series, but much more of one work so large that it must be released in excess of two or even more guides. Samples of this kind involve The Lord with the Rings volumes or even the Dim Tower series by Stephen King.

a list of stamps, coins, and many others, issued at a particular time five. (maths) the sum of the finite or infinite sequence of numbers or quantities See also geometric series 6. (electronics) a configuration of two or maybe more factors connected inside of a circuit so the identical current flows in turn through Every of them (esp within the phrase in series)

Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of numerous varieties together with monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.

educate, string - a sequentially ordered set of points or situations or Thoughts through which Every single successive member is linked to the previous; "a string of islands"; "educate of mourners"; "a educate of considered"

Sequence stresses the continuity in time, believed, cause and result, and so on.: The scenes came in a very definite sequence. Succession indicates that one thing is followed by A further or Other people subsequently, normally although not always that has a relation or connection among them: succession to your throne; a succession of calamities. Unabridged

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